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Getting Your Ducks in Order

As a coach and gym owner I have been asked thousands of different questions pertaining to health, goals, and fitness. Every time I am asked anything about fitness I can’t help but be giddy with the opportunity to share my passion with another. I think all gym veterans are especially pleased when a newer athlete, just setting out on their fitness journey, asks for your opinion. Finally, you get to relay to them all the pertinent information that will truly help them and, guide them away from the countless mistakes you’ve made over the years.

I do find it funny and, maybe this is not just in the fitness industry but, I find countless times where I have been asked questions that only the top tier of professional athletes should be concerned. I think we have been marketed to and, inundated with, information that can really only pertain to those looking to eak out milliseconds on their dash, or the newest training method Dwayne Johnson is doing. What time of day is best to workout? Should I eat breakfast? Should I have carbs before or after working out? Which protein powder should I be taking? None of this matters, unless you have established a habit, a routine, built the discipline necessary to train.

I get it, I really do, why put in any effort if you are not going to do it correctly and, I mean if The Rock, is doing it, why shouldn’t I be doing it? Because we can not build a stronger, faster, leaner body if we do not have a stable foundation to stand upon. We are all on different paths to bettering ourselves but, if you struggle to make it to the gym consistently there should be only one concern on your mind – making it to the gym consistently! I know, too simple. But, this is what truly matters. The only way to any success is doing something consistently. Adherence to any fitness schedule is the only way you will see results. Bruce Lee said it best, “Long term consistency always trumps short term intensity”. There is no reason to waste time trying to hunt down what you think will be that one thing that drives results when all along that one thing is just doing something consistently for a long time. You want to know how you get truly strong – you slowly add weight to the bar over years and years of practice. Everyone you see in the magazines, articles, and on TV; you should not be looking at what they are doing currently but, look at what they did a decade ago. Look at what they did to build such discipline and habits. You need to become a regimented machine that no longer thinks about going to the gym, the mind can no longer interfere or “talk you out of” going, it needs to be second nature. You have to get your ducks in order. You can not concern yourself with anything else. The truth of the matter is that you will see 99% of your progress by just showing up. That other 1% will come all in due time.

The largest reason we coach for the individual is because if it’s not something you personally can sustain, then it’s not something you should be doing. We want to take away the hassle of having to think about all this useless information, and having you focus on the one thing that matters – showing up and, showing up over and over again. So, go get your ducks in order and, when you’ve conquered laying the foundation for success we can have duck confit (don’t worry, that’s still healthy).  

-Logan Krieger, Co-Owner

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